Amadas Canciones
Y Videos De Matemáticas

Used in the National Curriculum
of Singapore - the Top Performing
Country in Mathematics

Four Star Reviewed and 2019
Top Pick for Learning by
Common Sense Media.

Music Produced by Grammy-
Winning Artists & Supervising
Teacher of Harvard & Tufts Students.

Animated by Three-Time
Emmy Nominated Studio & Creators
of PBS Kids’ Fizzy’s Lunch Lab

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Lecciones y hojas de trabajo imprimibles
que conducen a una mejor
comprensión matemática.

Disfrutado Por Estudiantes de
Múltiples Estilos de Aprendizaje.

  • Printable games so that
    students can review the
    lesson in small groups.

  • Each song comes with
    an uploadable Google
    Classroom assignment.

  • Anchor charts for every
    video creates a beautiful
    text-rich environment.

  • Worksheets that are way
    more fun than traditional
    drills and problem sets.

  • Songs and Lessons about
    social issues and cultural

Anchor сhart example
Google classroom assignment
TEKS printable task cards

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Obtenga acceso a cientos de lecciones de matemáticas con videos que a sus hijos les encantarán, junto con una colección de hojas de trabajo imprimibles, juegos, cuestionarios en línea calificados automáticamente, tarjetas de problemas de matemáticas imprimibles, con tareas de Google Classroom y más.

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What People Are Saying

What I love about NUMBEROCK is the videos approach mathematics from both conceptual and procedural angles

Christopher Ames

Product Reviewer for NCTM and Math Coach

My kids love this... ! It's catchy, the animation is interesting, covers the topic at the level I'm teaching, and beyond...


Elementary School TeacherProduct Reviewer for NCTM and Math Coach

My students absolutely loved the adorable video! The game board that accompanies this is great, too! Thank you! Wonderful resource!


Elementary School Teacher

NUMBEROCK videos have catchy tunes and great graphics. They had my students moving, singing, and learning.

Sarah Bowler

Elementary Principal

Numberock is an incredibly engaging and entertaining resource for teachers and students in the elementary classroom.

M. Burch

MA District Math Coach

I am so excited to use (NUMBEROCK) in my classroom, I think it will help with practicing multiple methods and will help my special education students to keep up, thank you!


Elementary School Teacher

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  • 100 ready to go lesson plans with ad-free music videos
  • Hundreds of printable, arts-based worksheets
  • Homework assignments for every video
  • Online autograded quizzes with up to 100 student accounts
  • Over 75 printable anchor charts and posters
  • Google Classroom Assignments for every lesson
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